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    "Milate" is a professional manufacturer of electrical household appliances 20 years of experience in small business, the company specializing in the production of electric-opened bottle, electric coffee barrels, electric boiling, Electric products, "Wright-US" open electric stainless steel water bottles similar products in China the largest manufacturers and suppliers. China's largest-selling instant noodles - Master Kong Holdings Limited, Guangzhou Uni-President Enterprises Co., Ltd., today Michael Lang Food Co., Ltd. (hualong instant noodles), Switzerland Nescaf, Russia a beverage company, the world's largest tea British legislation Dayton Company opened bottle of excellent electric suppliers. "US-Wright," is China's stainless steel electric open bottle, electric open buckets largest export enterprises, products are exported to all over the world, exports to South Africa, Germany, Australia, France, South Korea, Egypt, Russia and other countries. Company original Thermostat electronic low-voltage circuit, breaking the traditional heating mode, you can allow water to remain at a perfect temperature, so that more energy-efficient products more durable, and won the national patent.

    "Quality is life, innovation is the driving force", is facing growing competition in the market, "Milate" always adhere to the concept of quality of products first. Each product from R & D design, precision tooling facilities, injection molding, metal processing and assembly, the completion of testing all their own, and formed a perfect scientific management system, and fully guarantee the perfect quality of each product, we welcome the cooperation with domestic and foreign companies, meet customer requirements. Product range. Products through 3C, CQC, CE, ROHS, CVE and other security certification

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